Promotion Analytics Tool Kit ©

The Promotion Challenge

In today's crowded, contentious and often confusing marketplace promotional campaigns require clear and concise messages and the optimal use of media in order to cut through the competitive clutter and reach target audiences with a compelling brand narrative and persuasive selling proposition.

Which media would you choose for your next promotional campaign? Which have the best fit? Which can you afford?

The SZF Solution

The SZF Promotion Analytics Tool Kit provides the analytic tools you need to develop strong, impactful messages and choose the best media to deliver those messages in an effective, efficient manner.

The Tool Kit focuses on developing marketing messages deeply rooted in your brand's positioning statement and on finding those media that match your audience's tastes and preferences while working within your campaign budget and available team resources.

Whether developing messages around classic narrative themes such as origins, journey and battle or creating multimedia positioning maps that reveal the dimensions that define and differentiate media, the Tool Kit offers fresh perspectives and actionable insights into the field of advertising and promotion.

The Tool Kit is composed of ten research modules:

  • Crafting Your Positioning Statement
  • Crafting Your Marketing Message
  • Executing Your Marketing Message
  • Testing Your Marketing Message: Qualitative Questions
  • Testing Your Marketing Message: A Quantitative Scorecard
  • Conducting A Media Inventory
  • Conducting A Media Assessment
  • Exploring Social Media Networks as Buying Communities
  • Evaluating Your Promotional Budget
  • Analyzing Your Advertising Hierarchy of Effects

These modules will help you:

  • Expand your positioning statement into a marketing message
  • Deepen the content and strengthen the structure of your marketing message
  • Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your marketing message and ad execution
  • Evaluate potential campaign media and choose those best suited for your marketing message
  • Examine social media’s potential for driving your promotional campaign
  • Set your campaign’s communications goals and budget allocations
  • Assess your campaign’s performance through a hierarchy of effects analysis

The SZF Process

The ten Tool Kit modules form the core of a four stage, step-by-step campaign planning and review process.  The entire process is covered in a series of team workshops and pre-workshop research tasks.  If you work with brand and agency teams that are process-oriented, the Tool Kit’s workshop format will be especially interesting and appealing to you.

  • Stage One
    • Assemble campaign team
    • Define research objectives
    • Set performance goals
    • Identify analytic dimensions
    • Customize research tasks
  • Stage Two
    • Conduct personal and group interviews
    • Complete worksheets and grid exercises
    • Analyze initial data
  • Stage Three
    • Present and discuss initial findings with team
    • Incorporate comments and revise models 
  • Stage Four
    • Review revised findings with team
    • Come to consensus about findings
    • Delineate near and long-term campaign strategy
    • Set new performance goals
    • Track and trend campaign performance
    • Evaluate campaign performance

Each module generates qualitative and quantitative data that drive team discussion and evidence-based decision making.  The modules employ a variety of sophisticated techniques to develop and analyze primary research data unique to your company and its promotional programs.

These techniques include:

  • Qualitative probing and laddering
  • Rankings, ratings and constant sums
  • Means, standard deviations and indices
  • Gap analysis
  • Factor analysis
  • Cluster analysis
  • Perceptual mapping
  • Regression modeling